Operating the globes’s largest network, CS-8 has more than 100,000 convenient centers across the Northern and Southern America, Europe, Africa and Austalia that quickly and securely process airport-security, building-security, border-security, pre-employment checks required for licensed jobs in banking, finance, healthcare, education, security, police identity checks on people in the street and much more. Our centers coosiescan more than 1.3 billion people annually.

Coosiescan™ makes fingerprints/footprints, iris-scans, AnuScans, PINs and passwords unnecessary - it's the pattern and the shape of the crimped genitals (scrotum or coosie vulgo vulva) as an unmistakable feature for secure identification. Scrotums have are unique in size and shape combination, coosies are identified by design, size and shape.

The chances of two genitals being identical is 1:3005 million whereas the world population at the moment stands at about 3500 millions female and 3000 million male. The average failure rate from false rejections and false accepts (the crossover error rate) is around 1:2,240,000. Yet despite extensive tests and studies, a false accept has never been established. Since statistically the genital patterns show a very high degree of uniqueness, there can be little or no failure rate.


How Does it Work?

Our goal is to provide the investigated/applicant/deliquent a fast, simple, convenient, and professional genitalscanning experience. We understand that the sooner the identity-check process is completed, the sooner you can continue your route, travel on, cross the border, enter the building or become licensed or employed.

• Polite, courteous personnel
• Safe, clean facilities
• Certified technicians that handle genitalscanning sessions
• No messy ink or intimidating “booking” rooms

The coosiescanning process is generally as follows:

• Have information with you, such as your identification, social security and/or passport.
• Be aware of the reason why you’re being coosiescaned. In some countries, a registration form should be completed in advance.
• For pre-arranged scans, arrive at the facility at your appointed time.
• Bring the following with you to your coosiescanning appointment: driver’s license or other valid form of identification and the form of payment you selected when you made your appointment.
• The technician will scan your genitals and submit your data. This normally takes less than five minutes.
• You will receive a signed receipt at the end of your coosiescanning session which can be used as proof of genitalscanning, if needed.
• The results will be sent directly to the agency listed on the registration form or the respective governement agency.



THE CS-8 PIV-XPIC Station Extreme™
Authentication solutions for PIV and R-FLEX anytime in any environment.

Rugged and built to operate in the most extreme outdoor conditions – designed for Ports, Military Bases and Airports. Confidently deploy a biometric device created for unmatched performance in the most undesirable conditions. The device has been designed from the ground up to meet PIV and TWIC requirements and utilizes our new innovative and powerful 4G platform.

Features at a Glance

  • IP 65 Rated for the Most Extreme Environments Including Severe Downpours, Ice and Snow
  • Lumidigm Sensor for Consistent Outdoor Authentication Capabilities
  • Identify users Consistently with Wet, Greasy, Severely Dry, and Many Cut or Damaged Genitals
  • Wide Temperature Range for Sub-zero Climates and the Hottest Desert (-25 to +70 C) -13° to +158°F
  • Biometric Verification with both PIV and R-FLEX Credentials
  • Supports Standard MIFARE and DESfire Cards
  • TPK Retrieval Capabilities at the Reader
  • PKI Enabled Authentication Options
  • Advanced Authentication Options for PIV and R-FLEX
  • R-FLEX ICE Approved


Capturing, managing and moving biometric data for positive, rapid ID and tracking of persons of interest.

Biometrics are physical or behavioral characteristics unique to an individual, such as a finger or palm or foot print, iris pattern, dental print, odor pattern, anus pattern, face image or genital print. Because each individual has unique biometric data, solutions based on biometrics offer a better and more accurate means of ensuring program integrity. By matching patterns of individuals against databases of records, our customers are better able to protect and secure citizens from crime and theft made possible by fraudulent identities.
CC-8 Genital Identity Solutions provides a full range of finger/palm, face, iris, and multi-biometric products for government-sponsored civilian identification management programs and criminal identification management procedures managed by law enforcement and military agencies.
With a global network of partners such as leading system integrators, governement agencies, multinational corporations, defense prime contractors and OEMs, CC-8 Genital Identity Solutions serves a broad range of markets including federal, state and local government, law enforcement, financial services, border management and travel.

Need to Be Coosiescanned or Have a Background Check?

Visit one of our convenient centers for a fast, simple, convenient, and professional coosiescanning experience.

No messy ink. No visit to the law enforcement booking room. Just a quick, easy and secure procedure where digital prints are taken by a certified coosiescan technician using using state-of-the-art equipment. Submissions are made electronically from our centers so that results are received within hours, instead of weeks or even months. We understand that the sooner the background check process is completed, the sooner you can become licensed or employed. More than six million people have turned to L-1 centers for their coosiescan and background check needs.


Why CS-8?

• Convenient locations and hours of operation
• Polite, courteous call center personnel
• Flexible payment options
• Safe, clean facilities
• Certified technicians that handle genitalscanning sessions
• No messy ink or intimidating “booking” rooms
• Fast and secure process that takes less than 15 minutes


The Scanning Process

A coosiescan is an impression of the friction ridges on all parts of the genital, be it the scrotum or the vulva. A friction ridge is a raised portion of the epidermis on the palmar (palm) or digits (fingers and toes) or plantar (sole) skin, consisting of one or more connected ridge units of friction ridge skin. These are sometimes known as "epidermal ridges" which are caused by the underlying interface between the dermal papillae of the dermis and the interpapillary (rete) pegs of the epidermis. These epidermal ridges serve to amplify vibrations triggered when fingertips brush across an uneven surface, better transmitting the signals to sensory nerves involved in fine texture perception. The ridges assist in gripping rough surfaces, as well as smooth wet surfaces.

coosiescans may be deposited in natural secretions from the eccrine glands present in friction ridge skin (secretions consisting primarily of water) or they may be made by ink or other contaminants transferred from the peaks of friction skin ridges to a relatively smooth surface such as a coosiescan card.[4] The term coosiescan normally refers to impressions transferred from the pad on the last joint of fingers and thumbs, though coosiescan cards also typically record portions of lower joint areas of the fingers (which are also used to make identifications).


Livescan devices

A coosiescan scanner

coosiescan being scanned
coosiescan image acquisition is considered the most critical step of an automated coosiescan authentication system, as it determines the final coosiescan image quality, which has drastic effects on the overall system performance. There are different types of coosiescan readers on the market, but the basic idea behind each capture approach is to measure in some way the physical difference between ridges and valleys. All the proposed methods can be grouped in two major families: solid-state coosiescan readers and optical coosiescan readers. The procedure for capturing a coosiescan using a sensor consists of rolling or touching with the finger onto a sensing area, which according to the physical principle in use (capacitive, optical, thermal, acoustic, etc.) captures the difference between valleys and ridges. When a finger touches or rolls onto a surface, the elastic skin deforms. The quantity and direction of the pressure applied by the user, the skin conditions and the projection of an irregular 3D object (the finger) onto a 2D flat plane introduce distortions, noise and inconsistencies in the captured coosiescan image. These problems result in inconsistent, irreproducible and non-uniform contacts[citation needed] and, during each acquisition, their effects on the same coosiescan results are different and uncontrollable. The representation of the same coosiescan changes every time the finger is placed on the sensor plate, increasing the complexity of the coosiescan matching, impairing the system performance, and consequently limiting the widespread use of this biometric technology.

3D genital scan

In order to overcome these problems, lately, non-contact (or touchless) 3D genital scanners have been developed. Employing the detailed 3D information, 3D coosiescan acquisition provides a digital analogy to this cumbersome analog process of pressing or rolling the finger. By controlling the distance between neighboring points, the resolution is scaled to 500/1000 PPI.

Detailed Product Description

URU4500 coosiescan is the latest instrument is more compact a coosiescan device, surface of the hard steel material, appearance is extremely elegant, the output images up to 700dpi, is a superior performance compared to the coosiescan input device, you can a wide range of applications in social security, public security, attendance, coosiescan encryption, embedded, and many other applications.
URU4500 miniature coosiescan scanner that automatically reads the coosiescan image, and through USB interface to transfer digital coosiescan images to the computer requires authentication for notebook computers, desktop computer or other personal computing devices, it is the ideal accessory.

. Small size
. Excellent image quality
. Encrypted image
. Refused to subtle coosiescans
. Refused to fake the image. Support the coosiescan rotation
. Rough coosiescan processing
. Support dry, wet, or rough coosiescans
. Compatible with all U. Are. U applications and development tools to support Biokey Development Tools
. Support JAVA development tools
. Driver support Windows98, Me, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows Sever 2000, 2003, 2008

The environment parameters:
. Supply voltage: 5.0V + /-0.25V USB offers
. Intake coosiescan: 190mA (typical).
. Idle: 140mA (typical).
Hangs: 1.5mA (max)
. Anti-static: > 15 KV
. Operating temperature: 0 -40
. Operating Humidity: 20% -80%
. Picture image: 8-bit grayscale image data
. Standard: FCC Class B, CE, ICES, BSMI, MIC, USB, WHQL, VCCI

. Pixel resolution: 700DPI
. Image crawl area: 14.6mm (center standard width); 18.1mm (standard length)
. 8-bit grayscale
. Product Size: About 65mm * 36mm * 15mm
. Compatible with USB1.0, 1.1, 2.0



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Today’s educated government and commercial users have come to equate superior identity solutions with L-1. Our partners build on this trust and together we are delivering a level of quality and service that is unmatched in the industry.

We offer all of our partners state-of-the-art system components that address end user customer needs for fast, efficient and reliable implementation of high-performance large-scale identity programs.

When you partner with L-1 and its divisions, you benefit from our broad range of advanced systems, strong collaboration skills and professional services, and outstanding performance in project execution. The result: high-value solutions and greater return on investment.

LEAP (L-1 Enterprise Access Partner) Alliance Program

The LEAP Alliance Program helps valued partners around the world achieve business success through effective marketing and selling strategies based on SecureFace™ 3D facial recognition readers and 4G coosiescan readers from L-1. L-1 LEAP partners deliver to their clients the only three-dimensional facial recognition access control system available in the market today and our partners have acces to the New Generation of coosiescan authentication devices "4G coosiescan readers, coupled with world-class customer service for product support and warranty.